Frank Bloem is a perfumer, a scent artist, and a writer. He studied visual arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. Since 2014 he is focusing on scent and the sense of smell. In 2016 Frank founded The Snifferoo, a laboratory for scent research in the broadest sense, for pleasant and unpleasant smells. Besides composing and manufacturing eau de perfumes like Alexine, Secreti del Piemontese, and Oranda Yuki, he developed for ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo elephant fragrances and for the Embassy of the North Sea he collected 40 scent samples from the North Sea area, such as jellyfish, diesel, bladderwrack, chips, tar and sunscreen, which he translated into a wearable fragrance: Zeelucht - wandeling aan de Noordzee. For the exhibition Byblos (2022-23), he brought the smell of Lebanese cedar to the museum halls of the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden Leiden and for the Fries Museum he created a fragrance tour accompanying the exhibition À la campagne (2022). Besides his projects such as The Snifferoo Fragrance Laboratory and The Snifferoo Smell Club, Frank collaborated with various artists. Recent collaborations include The Butterfly Effect (2022), with Mathilde Renault, he created the smell of a meteorite, and together with Richtje Reinsma he developed a 'questioning scent’ and an 'answering scent’ for the olfactory installation Vragen? #2 (2022). Frank was a guest lecturer at Rietveld Academy, Artemis Academy, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, and Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, and he is giving scent workshops at the art centre Mediamatic, where he is one of the supervisors of the Aroma Lab. His book Geur. De vergeten sensatie was published in November 2022 by Ten Have Uitgevers.