Reineke Jonker is an actress and a community theatre director. She and Maaike van de Westeringh are the founders and artistic directors of Theaterhuiskamer. In cooperation with local residents, Theaterhuiskamer is developing theatre productions which are nested within the sociocultural tissue of Amsterdam-West, such as In de tussentijd (2017), Westergas Stories (2018), Succes! Een ode aan het falen (2020), Thuis (2022), and currently the West Best Talkshow, in collaboration with Stichting Cliffordstudio and LOS een ode aan vrijheid with Roads (Arkin) and Eiwerk. After graduating from Mime School at the Academy of Theatre and Dance, Reineke performed as an actress in various television, film, music, and theatre productions. She worked with Veenfabriek, Bambie, Vis à Vis, Theatergroep Max, The Lunatics, Orkater, and Muziekatelier at Muziekschool Amsterdam. Reineke has a multifaceted practice, besides directing and performing, she is a moderator, and for Breek Academy she is training  young adults to help them gain social and emotional strength and resilience.