Nathalie Bruys explores sound as a medium within the visual arts. She has an inquisitive, direct and intuitive way of working, mixing analogue and digital sounds to arrive at new and exhilarating blends of sound. In her working process, everything can be employed: computer programmes, samplers, antiquated computers, music boxes, voices, city noise, incomprehensible sounds or silent sounds, misread or mispronounced words. Flaws, scratches and strange noises: “these are the imperfections that keep us alert. Sound can free listeners from time and place and take them into a world that is resistance-free and infinite.”

Nathalie Bruys studied 'Voorheen Audiovisueel' at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and followed a postgraduate programme at Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam. She makes music, sound pieces, radio, performances, installations, drawings, videos, records and cd's, and she performs as a dj. Nathalie collaborates regularly with visual artists, recently she composed and designed the sound for Richtje Reinsma’s Vragen? #3 and she was the sound editor of the short film Beweeg maar niet by Petra Noordkamp.

Photo by Joost van den Broek

(◦) Vragen? #3 - sound composition and design