The digitized and 3D rendered object you see in the movie is a bundle of human hair from my homeland Korea. It is labelled as unknown, because the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden doesn't know how and why it arrived at its current location, a tiny box in the museum's archive. There are many questions about this string of human material heritage of which we know so little. Whose bodymaterial is it? Where did s/he came from and what was her/his life like?

While I am combing my hair, my hair begins to rise. By touching it, rubbing it, it starts to make traces in the air. On a possible passing from the inscription to the body is a performative act, which embodies the vibrant state of an object. It demonstrates an attempt to reach out and mediate with us.

The transition from one medium to another opened up a passage; it shifts the human material from one dimension to another, and from one time to another. It circumnavigates the historical temporality of this object by donating new inscriptions to its body, and while observing it, to our body as well.

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